“A Parents Guide to Infant Massage”

Nov 7, Nov 14, Nov 21, Nov 28, and Dec 5 2018


Pure Love Infant Massage is where parents come to connect with their babies and interact in a safe, inclusive, supportive, and welcoming family community. Connect with us for our 5 Week Infant Massage Program and learn about the wonderful benefits of loving touch, as a way to nurture your children from infancy and beyond.

Our program is designed and developed through the extensive research of the International Association of Infant Massage. It was created in this format to provide the most amount of benefits for families physically and emotionally. At Pure Love Infant massage, we teach parents to not only feel confident in their skills with Infant Massage, but also to enhance their ability to connect and bond with their children on a deeper level.

Our program, allows parents and their babies to build on to a routine in a manner that supports the ages, stages, and behavioural states of our children. In our course you will not only learn the strokes for massage, but also learn how to develop the skills to find insight into your infants pre-language communications, learn how to bond a deeper level, meet and learn from other parents in your community, have an opportunity to ask lots of questions, and more


5% of all class registration fees go directly to fund families and programs designed to give those in need access to the classes and tools that we offer at Pure Love Infant Massage.